Simple Bali Transfer

Landing page for booking local tourist guide for an airport transfer on Bali


In Bali, my husband and I met a local tour guide, entrepreneur, looking for a new way to make revenue. Given the taxi competition at the local airport, he came up with an idea for a convenient transfer for tourists to their destinations in Bali and around.  


The project goal was to create a simple web page, that would allow the visitors the register for a transfer from/to the Denpasar international airport. I decided to use Telegram Bot API to send the registration form information straight to Jimmy. 


  • Add simple registration page and ability for the entrepreneur to contact back,
  • Hide the Telegram Bot credentials from the client.


  • Code a lightweight HTML and CSS web page,
  • Create Telegram bot and send API requests as messages to the bot with all the information filled out by the client.
  • Send request first to a Zapier Zap and then redirect the information to the Telegram Bot.

Overall result

Lightweight landing page sending information straight to the messenger.