Torokhtiy online store

Shopify store with multiple customizations


I started to set up the Shopify store for Torokhtiy OU in late February 2017. The work included integrating the existing landing page styles and extensive customizations of the store as well as the tech support.


Key highlights

  • Initial setup (payments, shipping, configurations, and coding layouts)
  • Adding the user accounts for users who bought the training programs (Zapier, Firebase, Shopify Liquid template lang, jQuery - already used and loaded at the website)
  • Modifying the product and pages templates
  • Creating semi-auto created photo galleries of the specific events (Flickr)
  • Sending email confirmations to the user, both via in-house Shopify plugins and custom (like sending the 5 mistakes pdf), setting up MailChimp email templates and email campaigns (Zapier, Mailchimp)
  • mini video library on the website (see on the website)

  • Integrating analytics: Google Analytics, Heap

Overall result

Functioning Shopify store, which is responsive and leverages multiple online services to provide great customer and member experience.